Common Questions

Does a vasectomy work?
Yes. It is about 99.8% effective. You still will need to utilize some type of birth control after your vasectomy for 3 months until a semen analysis can confirm no sperm present.  It is also recommended to have a least 20 ejaculatory episodes to clear any residual sperm.
What happens to the sperm after vasectomy?
Sperm is still manufactured by the testes but the
majority of the sperm is reabsorbed by the body.
Is there any changes in sexual function? 
There is no change in sexual function. No change in 
the ability to obtain or sustain an erection. No change 
in climactic sensation.
Does vasectomy affect hormone production? 
or sex drive? No, since it only disrupts the transport 
tube(vas deferens) there is no change in testosterone 
production, or sex drive. 
Is there any change in ejaculatory volume?
Very little change in ejaculatory volume because majority of the fluid comes from the prostate and seminal vesicles.
How long does a vasectomy take to perform?
Usually about 15-30 minutes
When can I resume sexual activity after a vasectomy?
It is usually recommended to wait about 5 days
How long do I have to continue birth control after my vasectomy?
Approximately 3 months. It is recommended to have 20 ejaculatory episodes over a 3 month period. You will also be asked to submit a semen analysis at 3 months to confirm that no sperm is present. There is no charge for this as this is part of the overall charge for a vasectomy. Rarely, a patient may require a longer time to completely become sperm free as there may be some persistent low residual sperm.You must continue to use some form of birth control until no sperm is confirmed.
When can I resume work?
Most can resume desk work or normal 
activities in 1-2 days. Strenuous work,
lifting or labor should be avoided for one week.
Will having a vasectomy prevent me from 
having sexually transmitted diseases?
No. It will only prevent you from getting your 
partner pregnant. It does not provide any 
protection against contracting HIV, 
genital herpes or chlamydia/gonorrhea.
Can a vasectomy be reversed?
Yes, but you should go into a vasectomy as a permanent form of birth control as reversal can be expensive and is not always successful. If you are thinking about vasectomy reversals at the time of your vasectomy, you may want to delay your vasectomy decision until you are confident that this is the way you want to proceed for a permanent form of birth control.
Will my insurance cover the cost of vasectomy?
Many insurance plans will cover the cost of a vasectomy but most will not cover the cost of a vasectomy reversal. You need to check with your individual insurance carrier regarding your overall deductible and coverage.
What is the cost of a vasectomy reversal?
The overall cost is about $5000. This includes the fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist and surgery center. 

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